You can hear our song and watch the video using the following link: Jacarem Christmas SongPlease download the song from Amazon or GooglePlay or iTunes.With so many of our lives touched by the painful experiencesof cancer and friends and family currently going through the difficulttimes as we speak, we thought what better than to dedicate our Christmassong challenge to them and try and raise some money.We are not singers, in fact many of us cannot string a note, but that’snot what this is about. It’s about creating something fun to make peoplesmile over the festive period, and to help save lives so more and morepeople can live to enjoy the rest of their lives cancer free and see inmany more Christmases!!!Please view our just giving page, to see more details: ask you please if our song brings you a smile, you’retouched by the cause, or you just think we’re mad and worth a bob or two- please download from Amazon or GooglePlay or iTunes!