Jacarem were recently invited to Diamond Light Source, to exhibit our range of hermetic feedthrough connectors and vacuum flanges.  Jacarem is a specialist distributor in the UK for Positronic and their range of Hermetic products.  The engineers that we met on the day were particularly interested in the following two advantages of our connectors and flanges:1) Our feedthroughs are filled with an epoxy resin making them far more resilient to vibration, shock and damage compared to glass ceramic alternatives.2) Both sides of the feedthroughs are mounted with either 2 or 4 mounting holes, giving the customer the cost saving flexibility of removing and replacing them, if required. This avoids the costly scenario of having to replace the whole flange.If you are yet to try our hermetic connectors and flanges and would like further information, please refer to our hermetic section on our website.  If you require a visit or a quotation, please contact us.