Custom Hermetic Seals designed and manufactured for your project.

Our custom hermetic seals are designed for a broad range of industries.  This includes custom seals for nearly all wire or cable, connector, flex circuit and thermocouple including coax, computer equipment connectors, fiber optic and military connectors.  We can also design custom flanges and portplates with multiple hermetic feedthroughs mounted to the plate.

The Process

Our custom hermetic seals are made to order and the experienced engineering team oversees each project from the initial design stage, right the way through the manufacturing process until completion.  We are able to supply drawings for your approval prior to manufacturing and our team are committed to providing you with a cost-effective solution delivered as promptly as possible.  Every custom hermetic seal receives a rigorous electrical test, visual inspection and leak test so that you can feel confident with the quality of your custom hermetic seal.

Do you need a Quotation?

If you have an existing connector, wire or cable in your system that you require sealed or you need a prototype or assistance designing a custom hermetic seal for your application, please e-mail us.

When you e-mail us your custom hermetic seal enquiry, please provide as many relevant details as possible, such as:

  • Connector Type
  • Pressure or Vacuum level
  • Gases or liquids that will be in contact with the system
  • Temperature range
  • Electrical requirements
  • Frequency of the system
  • Wire or cable length and gauge
  • Number of conductors

If you can give us as much information as possible with regards to the above bullet points, this will help us to ascertain whether we have an off-the shelf option for you or if you would require a custom hermetic seal.  An idea of quantity and lead time required would also be very useful.