Our cryogenic cables and components work to 2 K and are ideally suited to a number of applications including Medical and Research.We offer:

  •     Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies to 40ghz
  •     Niobium Titanium Cable Assemblies to 40GHz
  •     Cupro Nickel Cables
  •     Raw St/St and NbTi Cable
  •     Crimp Solderless and 2.9mm Connectors and Adapters
  •     Sealed Adapters
  •     Hermetic Connectors and Adapters
  •     Attenuators
  •     Low Temperature Hardware
  •     Non-Magnetic Cables
  •     Flexible Cables
  •     SMP Connectors

Please contact [email protected] for a quotation or to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.