The ET 2300 line is a spring pin based socket system that operates at up to 23 GHz with –1dB of insertion loss. This new socket system allows the user to test and debug any BGA, QFN, QFP or other custom packages with lead pitches down to 0.5mm. Applications include development, debug, hand test, programming, test of ASIC or FPGA’s, package and chip qualification, production prototype, failure analysis and high volume production use. This socket system also gives engineers a method to test high-speed packaged semiconductors at an economical price.The ET 2300 has 3 target board mounting methods; compression mount, surface mount and thru-hole. The compression style mounts quickly and easily using four predefined tooling holes. The surface mount and thru-hole version both use a separate adapter that is solder mounted to the customer’s target printed circuit board. The socket is then mechanically secured to the adapter. Two retention systems are available for this socket; Easy KnobTM, suited for high rates of insertion and Easy ScrewTM for applications where the chip package is changed infrequently during the project life. A unique feature of this product is that the customer can buy both retention systems for the same socket and interchange in the lab as his needs change. The Easy ScrewTM retention system can be designed with an opening in the middle to accommodate die probing.APPLICATIONSDevelopmentDebugHand TestProgramming / TestQualificationProduction