Jacarem is currently celebrating 30 years in business! Thank you to all of our customers, suppliers and staff for a great 30 years!Terry Reeve started the company in September 1987 from a small office in his home.  After 3 months of trying to work with 3 (very noisy) young children in the house, he had developed enough business to allow him to rent a small office locally.Initially the company was solely involved in connector distribution and Positronic was one of the first franchise distributor agreements that Jacarem signed.  We are still a UK distributor for Positronic d-sub connectors and power connectors today and recently our team have been concentrating on their vacuum flanges and hermetic feedthrough connectors with an aim to be Positronic’s global leader in hermetics.It has been Terry’s belief to ensure that all of our office staff are trained to have product knowledge (to varying levels), so that they aren’t just reliant on a part number.  Customer service has always been a top priority and this ethos being instilled into staff members from day one appears to be a big reason why we have maintained some original customers from 30 years ago.Terry realised that his customers had a need for cable assemblies as well as connectors.  The Jacarem cable assembly division was initially started with one operator manufacturing ribbon cables.  The demands for cable assemblies increased quickly and Terry had no option than to take on more staff which in turn meant moving again to larger premises.During the telecoms boom, Jacarem also boomed and the cable assembly division was constantly at full capacity.  New premises were required again to allow for additional staff and a larger stores area.  More franchise agreements were signed with Erni, Conec and Sonitron and the property was re-structured totally in 2013 to allow for further expansion.  We have invested in having an IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certified IPC Trainer at Jacarem and this consequently means that all of our assembly operatives are IPC/WHMA-A-620 certified.  The quality of our work has meant that we have secured many high profile jobs as our customers know that they can rely on the products that we produce.