Ribbon Cables and IDC Cable Assemblies

Ribbon Cable Assemblies and IDC Cable Assemblies are available from Jacarem in small, medium and large volumes.

We can produce ribbon cables as follows: IDC Sockets to transition / DIP Plugs, IDC Socket to socket, IDC Sockets daisy chained or split and multi-branched. These can be folded to your specifications and labelled where required. Commercial and branded products are available (i.e. Molex, Tyco, and 3M). Ferrites are often used on ribbon cables for our customers and we can do this by either gluing or heat shrinking them into position as preferred.

We deal directly with connector manufacturers, obtaining the best possible cost pricing, and therefore ensuring our materials are kept to an absolute minimum. For volume requirements, if we cannot meet target prices by manufacturing within the UK, we will source the assemblies from one of our established Trading partners in China or Taiwan.

We hold a vast range of stock from 10 way through to 50 way as standards in various pitches, but mainly 2.54mm pitch. We also produce smaller and larger sizes when required. Standard grey flat ribbon cable is stocked or we can use colour coded (rainbow) flat ribbon or round and flat etc where specified.

Does your company have a requirement for Ribbon Cable Assemblies? If so, please send your drawings / specifications to sales@jacarem.co.uk or phone 01494 791336.


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