Whether you require connectors for driving assistants, LED lights, battery management systems and power electronics or connector solutions for safety systems, Erni and Jacarem have the solutions for your automotive connector needs.


Driving Assistants (as pictured to the left): 1 is the Maxibridge connector – Rugged reliability: this highly robust cable connector featuring a double sided interlock is intended for high vibration loads, such as rear-view cameras and parking assistant sensors.2 is the SMC connector – Trouble-free reliability: extremely dependable connector system with two-sided contact. Ideally suited to use in distance regulation systems and emergency brake assistants.3 is the Minibridge Koshiri connector – Big responsibility in the smallest of spaces: single row cable connector system for space saving connectors between circuit boards and decentralized function units in applications such as headlight range control.


Automotive Connectors for Headlight Systems


1 – Minibridge Koshiri Connector – Compact design and high temperature resistance, these connectors are ideal for use in LED modules.2 – MaxiBridge Connectors – Double lock solution is highly resistant to shocks and vibrations (totaling 93N), makes it all but impossible for the connector to be unintentionally detached.3 – Microbridge Connector -Available in IDC and crimp versions.


4 – iBridge Ultra Connector – An optimized automotive version in accordance with the specifications of the LV214 standard and USCAR.


Automotive Connectors for Battery Management and Power Electronics


1 – Maxibridge Connectors– Single row or double row. Higher clearance and creepage distances can be achieved by means of selective placement.


2 – Minibridge Koshiri – High shock resistance and vibration resistance of of 10-1,000 Hz at 27m/s² prevent the risk of failure.


3 – SMC Cable to Board – 12-80 pin variants


4 – Power Elements – These connectors feature a high current capacity of up to 200A.


Automotive Connectors for Safety Systems



1 – Minibridge Koshiri – Current capacity of up to 8A per contact2 – Maxibridge Connectors – The double locking contacts generate a pull-out strength of up to 75 N ensuring a high level of reliability.3 – SMC Connector – In the 80 pin variant, a multitude of signals can be transmitted at a speed of up to 3Gbit/s per contacts. The solution is ideal for use in complex systems such as blind-spot assistants.Please contact [email protected] for further information, samples or to arrange a visit to discuss these automotive connector products.