Mains Cables and Power Cords

Mains cables and Power cords are available in standard configurations including UK mains leads (the most well known is the UK kettle lead), Euro mains leads, USA mains leads & other worldwide mains cables and power cords. Non-standard lengths and configurations are available on request. The standard colour sold is black but we can also offer white and grey variants. If you have a mains cable or a power cable requirement please contact us today as we offer column prices dependent on your quantity requirements.

  • American Power Cords
    American Power Cords

    USA plug to IEC C13 and C5 available. We also have US Nema 5-15P – IEC C19 and US Nema 1-15P – IEC C7, so please contact for prices.

  • Euro / Schuko Power Cords
    Euro / Schuko Power Cords

    Our Euro and Schuko power cables all have European approvals. We have a variety of R/A fully moulded Schuko Plugs to IEC C5, IEC C7, IEC C13, IEC C15 and IEC C19. Our standard euro 2 pin plug is to a C7 connector in a standard 2m length but other lengths are available.

  • IEC Cables
    IEC Cables

    Whether you require IEC C7, IEC C5, IEC C13 to IEC C14 or IEC C19 to IEC C20,we have european approvals and various lengths available.

  • UK Mains Leads / UK Power Cords
    UK Mains Leads / UK Power Cords

    Our range of UK mains leads are fully approved with moulded UK plugs. The UK power cords are available in multiple colours and lengths including black, white, red, green, yellow and orange, up to 10m. We have UK Plug to IEC C13, IEC C13 R/A, IEC C7 R/A, IEC C19, IEC C7, IEC C5, IEC C15 and a UK plug to a stripped end.

  • Worldwide and Euro Power Cords and Mains Leads
    Worldwide and Euro Power Cords and Mains Leads

    We stock a vast number or worldwide power cords as follows: Italian Plug, Danish Plug, Australian Plug, South African Plug, Israel Plug, Japanese Plug and Swiss Plug.


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