Jacarem supply a wide and excellent array of pre-made connectors to suit most applications. If you require a custom connector then we also provide an assembly service which you can specify from our enquiry forms.

  • Standard Stocked Products
    Standard Stocked Products

    We stock a vast range of products. Some of the more standard items that are usually in stock or on short lead times are within this section. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for higher quantity prices or if you can't find the item that you require.

  • Circular Connectors
    Circular Connectors

    Circular connectors are available at Jacarem from industry leading manufacturers, such as Souriau, Positronic, ODU and many more.

    We have a variety of Waterproof circular connectors with IP67, IP68 and IP69K ratings. We have some high current circular connectors and high power circular connectors. We also have some extremely popular miniature circular connectors for use when space is limited.

    Please view our large range of Military and Industrial Circular Connectors below, or use the drop down filter, to assist your search.

  • Connector Pitch (mm)
    Connector Pitch (mm)

    Connector Pitch of 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.27mm, 2mm and 2.54mm available.

    Please view our large range of Connectors and their various pitches below, or use the drop down filter, to assist your search.

  • DIN 41612 Connectors
    DIN 41612 Connectors

    DIN 41612 Connectors are available at Jacarem, please contact us if you require cross reference information. The DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connector line includes standard connectors and customer-specific connector solutions.

  • Din Rail Box Enclosures
    Din Rail Box Enclosures

    Din Rail enclosures are available at Jacarem in varying sizes. Please contact us with your specific box / enclosure requirements.

  • D-Sub - D-Type Connectors
    D-Sub - D-Type Connectors

    D Sub Connectors / D Type Connectors are available from Jacarem. We supply standard and high density d-subs, mixed combination, dual port, surface mount, waterproof and spaceflight D-Sub connectors.

    Whether you have a requirement for a Military or Industrial application, we should have a d-sub connector to suit your requirements.

  • D-Sub Connector Backshells and Accessories
    D-Sub Connector Backshells and Accessories

    D-Sub Backshells and Accessories are available from Jacarem.

    Whether you are looking for plastic or metal Hoods, or screws, dustcaps etc we should have a suitable product for your requirements.

  • Hermetic Connectors and Vacuum Feedthrough Connectors
    Hermetic Connectors and Vacuum Feedthrough Connectors

    Jacarem offer a range of Hermetic connectors and hermetically sealed feedthroughs for space and industrial vacuum applications. We have hermetic bnc feedthroughs, hermetic circular feedthroughs and hermetic d-subs. We can also assist with custom hermetic connectors.

  • IDC Connectors
    IDC Connectors

    IDC Connectors are available at Jacarem. We have a variety of pitches and connector variants to suit all applications, including IDC Sockets, IDC Headers, 1.27mm pitch and 2.54mm pitch connectors.

  • M8 and M12 Connectors
    M8 and M12 Connectors

    Numerous M8 and M12 connectors are available from Jacarem including PCB, Cable assembly and Quick termination connectors. Plug-in solutions can be implemented easily and quickly with the modular international circular connector system according to IEC 61076-2. M12 connectors are currently recommended as field bus connectors for almost all field bus specifications and are available in multiple codings.

  • Mains Cables and Power Cords
    Mains Cables and Power Cords

    Mains cables and Power cords are available in standard configurations including UK mains leads (the most well known is the UK kettle lead), Euro mains leads, USA mains leads & other worldwide mains cables and power cords. Non-standard lengths and configurations are available on request. The standard colour sold is black but we can also offer white and grey variants. If you have a mains cable or a power cable requirement please contact us today as we offer column prices dependent on your quantity requirements.

  • PCB Connectors
    PCB Connectors

    The PCB Connectors range from Jacarem is extensive. We stock board to board and wire to board connectors, to suit all of your PCB connector requirements. Please view our range below and contact us by phone, e-mail or our contact us form if you can't find exactly what you are after or if you require further information or a quotation.

  • Power Connectors and High Current Connectors
    Power Connectors and High Current Connectors

    The Power Connectors range from Jacarem is extensive. Here, you'll find high current, modular, heavy duty and industrial power connectors and power drawer connectors among many others.

  • Rectangular Connectors
    Rectangular Connectors

    Rectangular connectors are available in high density and standard density versions.

  • RF - Coaxial Connectors
    RF - Coaxial Connectors

    RF Connectors / Coaxial connectors from Jacarem will satisfy any industrial requirement. Included are BNC connectors, F connectors, TNC connectors and RF cable assemblies are also made in-house.

  • RJ45 + Modular Jack Connectors
    RJ45 + Modular Jack Connectors

    RJ45 and Modular Jack connectors are available with various options from Jacarem. Waterprrof RJ45 connectors are available as well as Modular jack connectors with integrated magnetics.

  • Sensors & Sensor Cables
    Sensors & Sensor Cables

    Sensor and Sensor Cables are available in the following variants: Colour sensors, distance sensors, optical sensors, proximity sensors and vision sensors. We also have M12, M8, M23 and M5 sensor cables available. There are other options available, which you can view below:

  • Test and Measurement
    Test and Measurement

    From pogo pins to oscilloscope probes, find a vast array of test and measurement products at Jacarem. The range includes test probes and microgrippers, prototyping adapters, programming adapters, mictor breakout cables, SMD vacuum tools, burn-in sockets and many more. Please see below for our large range of test and measurement products:

  • Waterproof Connectors
    Waterproof Connectors

    Waterproof Connectors are available from Jacarem and the range is extensive. We have IP67 and IP68/IP69K connectors available.

    Please view our large range of waterproof connectors below, or use the drop down filter to assist your search.


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